Lets do some milktea review. Hahaha;D ( kunware blogger talaga ako ) Kat and I decided to chill and relax at I<3milktea since it was just in front of the Niners, the review center where we are studying. So far this is the best coffee/tea/milktea/frappe shop we ever tried. The reasons why we love the shop? First of all the very affordable yet delicious beverages they serve. Next, the ambiance of the place, its very relaxing and soothing.. Third, the crew/staff were quite nice.
I ordered Rock Salt Cheese Taro and i forgot what Kat has ordered. But unfortunately, they gave us milktea instead of rock salt cheese.. Haha:D But its okey. We still enjoyed our milkteas.

Yun lang pasensya na sa wrong grammars .. Im still practicing.